Economic Geology Laboratory, Department of Earth Resources Engineering,Kyushu University Economic Geology Laboratory, Department of Earth Resources Engineering,Kyushu University

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Welcome to the Economic Geology Lab!

More than anything else, this lab is distinguished by its international flavor. Currently, it includes students from Japan, Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Myanmar), Asia (Mongolia, Afghanistan, and China), Africa (Senegal, Algeria, Kenya, and Rwanda), and Europe (Sweden), and in the past, it has included international students from countries such as the UK, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, the Solomon Islands, Libya, and Egypt as well as a wide range of short- and long-term visiting researchers. People from a rich variety of countries gather here to conduct research.

You'll hear plenty of English being thrown around in the lab, but that doesn't mean that everyone can speak it well. However, that doesn't matter, because if you put your mind to it, you can communicate and get your point across! The lab isn't only a place of daily research; it's also a place where you can study English!

Everyone has a bright and optimistic disposition, and overseas studies of mineral deposits are a common occurrence. The professors are very busy, leaving students to go about their own research in a self-directed and relaxed (?) manner. Compared to the period of confusion immediately after being assigned to the lab, you'll experience a fantastic amount of growth as you move towards graduation.

This is a lab where students are serious about both conducting research and having fun, a harmonious place where you can enjoy a rich life. If you have the chance, please stop by to see it for yourself.

Academic disciplines in which the Economic Geology Lab is involved

  • Investigation of mineral resources through elucidation of models of mineral deposit formation and geochemical behavior and evaluation of resource quantities
  • Development of the geochemical analytical techniques needed in order to evaluate the above resources
  • Identification of hydrothermally altered zones that are related to geological phenomena
  • Prevention of natural disasters involving geological phenomena
  • Development of waste disposal methods with a small environmental footprint, metal recycling techniques that are inspired by the natural world, etc.

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Economic Geology Laboratory,
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